To love is to leave and lose

I’ve always dreamed of living abroad. I could see myself in a teeny tiny flat in NYC, a Scandinavian cottage in Stockholm or an old terraced house in London. I imagined myself strolling around the streets of Paris, taking the tram in Lisbon or biking along the canals in Amsterdam. In fact, I was always thinking about everything I would find there but never what … Continue reading To love is to leave and lose

10 points for Martinique

Ever heard of selective memory? Well, it does exist and I don’t quite know if it’s a blessing or a curse when you choose a travel destination. Last year, we went on a backpacking trip in Thailand. In ginger language this means three weeks in a sauna (let’s understand each other, an amazing and breath-taking sauna!). Still, when we got back in Belgium, sweaty everything … Continue reading 10 points for Martinique

Red Riding in the Elle Hood

If I could choose my favourite superhero, it’d definitely be Little Red Riding Hood. Or wait, do you need more than cuteness and an awesome red cape to bear that label? As a redhead, I always thought red (clothes) on red (hair) was a no-go. It was only after a colour consultant told me it was just a matter of finding the right shade that I dared to try the … Continue reading Red Riding in the Elle Hood