I’m a fool for the cities

I can’t believe that just one year ago I was still studying like crazy for my exams, dreaming of economics and marketing, stressing about business law. It all seems so far away now that I can enjoy New Year’s Eve without thinking about anything else than friends and parties. I’m not the kind of person who has new goals every year. I am never going … Continue reading I’m a fool for the cities

10 points for Martinique

Ever heard of selective memory? Well, it does exist and I don’t quite know if it’s a blessing or a curse when you choose a travel destination. Last year, we went on a backpacking trip in Thailand. In ginger language this means three weeks in a sauna (let’s understand each other, an amazing and breath-taking sauna!). Still, when we got back in Belgium, sweaty everything … Continue reading 10 points for Martinique