Red Riding in the Elle Hood

If I could choose my favourite superhero, it’d definitely be Little Red Riding Hood. Or wait, do you need more than cuteness and an awesome red cape to bear that label? As a redhead, I always thought red (clothes) on red (hair) was a no-go. It was only after a colour consultant told me it was just a matter of finding the right shade that I dared to try the … Continue reading Red Riding in the Elle Hood

Intern-ship ahoy!

Hi there shipmates! As if Summer decided to make sure everyone noticed she officially started, a heatwave struck Belgium last week. 36°C and an airco-less office made me go look for places to cool down during lunchtime. The port of Antwerp seemed to be the perfect spot: a cooling breeze, cozy lunch-spots and an amazing view on the incoming boats. As to bring the holiday-feeling to the office, I … Continue reading Intern-ship ahoy!

Brick by Brick

Brick by Brick: not just one of my favourite Arctic Monkey songs, also the way life is taking its course at the moment. I recently told you about the start of my internship: first big brick. Last friday, the next step litterally came in brick: me and my boyfriend signed the lease to our first apartment together. Hurray hurray, check me being all grown up! Next brick on the life house … Continue reading Brick by Brick

Kimono? Kimoyes!

I recently started my internship at Oona, one of Antwerp’s finest PR & communication agencies. Other than being overexcited for my first official – welcome to the grown-up world – experience, I have to admit it also quite scared me. Always the same recipe on first days, no? The cocktail of thrill of new beginnings and slight panick of making the right choices. One of those dilemmas: what … Continue reading Kimono? Kimoyes!

Take your parachute and jump(suit)!

Did you know the word jumpsuit originally referred to the garments of parachuters and skydivers? While dungerees are taking over the summer of 2015, play- and jumpsuits have been filling the empty – it’s a matter of perspective, mom – spaces in my wardrobe for quite some time now. It’s the perfect way of combining convenience and class without having to lose hours in front of your wardrobe trying to pick … Continue reading Take your parachute and jump(suit)!