I’m a fool for the cities

I can’t believe that just one year ago I was still studying like crazy for my exams, dreaming of economics and marketing, stressing about business law. It all seems so far away now that I can enjoy New Year’s Eve without thinking about anything else than friends and parties.

I’m not the kind of person who has new goals every year. I am never going to stop eating like a monster and I am certainly not going to do the dishes more often so why bother! Still, I wanted to share with you some of the cities I dream to visit (and hope to visit this year maybe!), so this can actually count as my travel goals, right? Here they are!

#1 Rome

Rome has been on my list ever since I watched Roman Holiday a few years ago. This city represents to me the perfect combination of history and street culture. (Let’s be realistic here, I only want to eat Italian pizza all day every day haha!)ef27d92c1f67544aff5d69c29263f396


#2 Tokyo

Always balancing between past and modernity, Japan is one of the countries that really fascinate me. I am already in love with Tokyo, its colourful streets and majestic gardens, with the Mount Fuji watching over the city. 0e44e8c520795a162ca06d7d1804510b


#3 Reykjavik

Iceland always has a beautiful light. One you only experience in the North. Most of the landscapes there seem unreal, but it’s okay, I’m a dreamer :)



#4 Budapest

The Spaceboy went to Budapest a few years back and is already so enthusiast about going back. I think it won’t be long untill.. Oh wait, our tickets are booked!



#5 Stockholm

I am a big fan of Scandinavian culture (well, who isn’t?). Stockholm seems to be the perfect place to immerse myself in the Scandinavian lifestyle and check if I still have some rudiments left from the Swedish courses I attended at university.33c3bd826989d70ed9d6b5649f64f151


#6 Istanbul

Small streets, noisy souks, vibrant people and dreamy skyline. Time to get lost in this city and its amazing cultural diversity!c3e7520fec14058b16e94fabf8a53591


#7 Santorini

I am a sucker for everything white and blue. Imagine what it could be to live in a white and blue setting all day long. I might simply never come back.841b04d37260efffdd5c6b44007b3866


#8 Mumbai

They say there is no other place on earth you can compare with India. I take it as my duty to discover such a unique culture at least once in my life. They say Mumbai is overwhelming, bombastic and full of hidden secrets. Well, that sounds promising!c516776e35b3dbc388abd2116f855bf5

#9 Copenhagen

Situated only one hour and a half from Amsterdam, Copenhagen is our next weekend getaway!



#10 New York City

This city’s been waiting for me. This is the real American dream and it has been calling my name for too long now.


Which cities are on your travel wishlist? Have you some good tips and addresses for one of those cities? Let me know! :)

*All pictures are from Pinterest*

Lots of Gingerlove,



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