Inside Joke’s jewelry box

1Evening folks! For those of you who thought this world got rid of two more gingers, you were wrong :) Manon and I have just been crazy busy these days with our internships, finals and… well, life. Luckily I’m back tonight with one of the nicest concepts I’ve had the chance to discover: Inside Joke.

Remember the bracelets I wore there and there? There are Inside Joke’s creations and that’s just the top of the iceberg. This weekend, I’ve had the opportunity to shoot the entire collection with Joke herself (the creative brain behind the concept) and I couldn’t resist the idea of sharing some of the pictures with you guys.


9Inside Joke’s creations are all made of recycled things that are given an awesome second life. With old nuts, medals, pearls she sometimes found at the other end of the world while travelling, ancient lucky charms or colourful tassels, Joke makes bracelets, scarfs and necklaces. Every piece is unique and has its own story, it’s simply amazing!


She recently started an account on Instagram, make sur you check her out!

Lots of Gingerlove, -R


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